Know your style!

One style doesn’t fit all !

Since your underwear is the first thing you put on each morning and the last thing you take off at night, there’s no exaggerating how important lingerie is to a woman.

In fact, your bras are probably the most hardworking items in your wardrobe: they take you on the school run, get you through the working day, put in time at the gym and then keep you on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning.

Underwear does a lot more than give a boost to your bust or bum. Great-fitting underwear is essential when it comes to boosting a woman’s confidence. Triumph recently surveyed over 6,000 women across the UK and Europe and found that 70% of women say they feel more confident when they’re wearing a great-fitting bra – yet only 10% put in the effort to finding the right bra.

The first step to finding the one? Getting fitted by a professional to determine your correct bra size, since a variety of factors can influence your shape, from losing weight to a changing post-baby body.

Get fitted and find out more about your body type.