THE PROCESS - fabrics


With a technology that consists of innovative construction of a fiber that’s incorporated into  fabrics, we had to travel the word and find the best performance fabrics technology for our Flawless Athleisure Bra!  COMING SOON....      #LycraEnergize #LycraSport #LycraBeauty

Little heat and fast dry, Fabric will be able to cool the body and fight heat with agents that promote faster moisture absorption which transfers the body moisture to an external layer, improving evaporation and keeping the body dry and comfortable during their performance.

Excellent UV protection, with a thin polymer metal film to block UV light and infrared heat.

Excellent breathability: Fabric absorbs sweat and allows its natural evaporation.

Protection against the cold, lightweight, seamless fabric that promotes protection, comfort and better moisture management. This way, you avoid sweating excessively in cold days.

Extra comfort: Fabric that fits pleasantly without constraining, assuring freedom in movements.

Perfect for athleisure: Designed for sports, you may find yourself wearing them for leisure time activities too.